Wood and us ...

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It was in 2013 that Logideal was founded by Ms. Aegerter and Mr. Menghini, each with many years of experience in the real estate and construction industry.
Logideal is a company that offers a multitude of services. You will find these on our website

Our main activity focuses on the supply of structural timber for all types of buildings and on the basis of our different construction systems. It is primarily intended for professional clients and architects.

We also offer our customers "turnkey" variants according to the customer's request, or in the form of projects that we realize and offer for sale. These services are specifically for individuals.

Although we mainly work with agencies, we also do a handful of brokerage clients. This activity gives us a good look at the current real estate market.

Invitation to our information day

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In order to present our products and our know-how, we organize "Archi'Days" days. These take place on a morning with an aperitif dinner at noon.
These days are open to all professionals in the industry.

Do not hesitate to register from our contact form available under the "contact" tab or by email at: commercial@logideal.ch

Be careful places are limited.

Flyer Archi'Days

Newspaper! Maison & Architecture

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We had the honor of being approached by the famous magazine "Home & Architecture" to publish an article about our company and our experience.
Do not wait any longer, and discover the article by clicking on the attached link

Edition: 1st quarter of 2018

Reading the article in french

Discover our new prospectus

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Discover our brand new flyer here ->

For all your buildings from 1 to 7 levels ...
From framework to solid wood ...
From the pavilion to the public building ...

We are at your disposal

Our catalog HERE! (in French)

The advantages of wood ... We talk about it!

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1) The wooden construction is ecological

2) The construction of a wooden house contributes to the protection of the environment - Carbon storage

3) Wood is a very good insulator: 15 x better than concrete - 450 x better than steel - 1700 x better than aluminum

4) Wood is economical - It saves energy

5) A wooden house is healthy - the wood is breathable and absorbs excess moisture and restores it in dry weather - It brings a comfort of life and a feeling of well-being

6) A wood construction is strong and durable - its mechanical strength and lightness have made it the material of choice used for centuries

7) A wooden house is built quickly - No drying and a very fast installation - a real time saver