01// CLT glued - Ground + 7 levels

[IMG 565]
CLT glued system uses monolithic solid wood walls and floors, consisting of a succession of planks glued together. Solid and highly stable, this joining technique is typically used in two situations: the construction of houses with particularly complex architecture and the construction of buildings up to seven floors. Many communities and businesses have opted for glued solid wood to build nurseries, nursing homes, residential buildings and offices. This system combines all the advantages of wood, which include comfort, safety, insulation and environmentally friendly. I am interested

02// CLT nailed down - Ground +7 levels

[IMG 566]
CLT nailed is currently the most popular and demanded construction system. Highly resistant and stable, it is typically used in the wooden construction of multi-storey buildings. The nailed CLT walls offer an incomparable sound and thermal insulation level. They also offer good protection against the waves. This system leaves a many options on the architectural plan and allows the pre-machining of many elements. Last but not least, CLT Cloue is the most environmentally friendly building system on the market. Its environmental impact is almost zero and it generates no waste and the elements used are recyclable and 100% sustainable. I am interested

03// Posts-Beams - Ground + 4 levels

[IMG 567]
The exposed wood posts/beams offer excellent insulation and helps to reduce heating costs. Typically, wood structures take a long time to construct. Pre-fabrication work done beforehand in the workshop reduces construction time and cost. The wood posts/beams are durable and represent an excellent heritage investment. Many half-timbered and massive timber houses have continued to stand through the centuries in our neighboring countries, enjoying a long life span. I am interested

04// Wood frame - Ground + 2 levels

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The wood frame is a skeleton composed of uprights and herringbone frames that are interconnected. Different woods can be used to create this framework; however, northern white fir is particularly recommended as it is a highly stable wood. Construction of the skeleton is further supported by wood floors and panels. The insulation is then housed between the rafters and in the thickness of the wall itself. The interior frame is then closed from the inside using panels that can be made of wood or other materials. The exterior frame is then covered with materials such as siding or cladding, as selected by the customer. I am interested